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A collection of remarkable progress pictures showcasing the outstanding transformations achieved by my dedicated clients.

Testimonials: Testimonials

Karina C.

Aida is without a doubt a great trainer. I used to be intimidated by lifting weights and exercising in general, however, the program she developed for me was progressive and customized for my personal goals. In my mind a workout could never be enjoyable but thanks to Aida, I have learned that workouts don't have to be a constant boring routine.


Roxy P.

 Aida has taught me that a structured, healthy, fun routine doesn't have to be torture. 
She has taught me to not throw in the towel, to not say, "I can't", not to give up, not to make excuses. 
She taught me to not have fear or be ashamed, that everything takes time and effort.

She is interested in your progress, little or small, and that is very important to me.

Is it worth it?  Yes, absolutely worth it! The money you spend is an investment in knowledge and support.

And when you go to the gym alone, you will feel much more confident, also know that you will have better results by practicing what you have learned.


Adriana J.

Aida is an amazing fitness trainer and the workouts are always mixed up and fun. If you are looking for a fitness boot camp, this is your spot! you won't be disappointed.

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